Best amp for 1 infinity perfect 12.1


im lookin to power up my sub with something nice.. 350w rms 1400MAX what power should i be looking for (350-400rms is my guess) also what are the different classes and what do they mean? (ex. bd d etc.)
Thanks in advance!

class D is mono. Classes are just divisions of 1,2,3,4,5 channel amps. Is your perfect a 12dD? For subs D means dual voice coil. If its dual voice coil you can run it really well with a lot of mono amps at 2ohms, kenwood class d amp, alpine v power class d, and my personal choice would be the over powering mtx class d. Look through all of their models and find one you like that is at least 400rms at 2 ohms (if you've got dual voice coil-if not it should be 400rms at 4ohm) because you want more than enough power. Not just enough.

A class D amp does not mean it is mono. A class D amp is a type of amplifier transistor and power supply switching that produces output power very efficiently. Class H amps by Soundcraftsmen were similar. Class D amps sometimes produce a lot of distortion in the upper frequencies so most are filtered and used in car and home subwoofers. I wouldn't worry about all of the different classes. Most except A and B are marketing hype for efficient amps.

I show the 12.1 has a nominal powerhandling 400 watts and a sensitivity of 96db per watt (that's loud!). Each coil is 4 ohms.

Find STEREO amp with 400 watts RMS down to 20 Hz with less than, say, 1% distortion into 4 ohms or 400 watts RMS down to 20 Hz with less than, say, 1% distortion to one channel into 2 ohms (and wire the voicecoils in parallel). If any of the numbers above are missing, devide the amps rated power by 8 and that's probably all of the clean power you are going to get.

I have heard some realy good sounding steros from Rockford Fostgate. They seem to be conservatively rated and clip fairly smoothly. Now I'm not saying they are the best, just that they are good.
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