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I recently purchsaed a car with a Xplod sound system in it. I plan on replacing the entire sound system in time to one of better quality. Yesterday I discovered that one of the amps driving one of the 12" subs was blown. There is a dead short between power and ground when the fuse is inserted and it blows the fuse. The only amp that I could find where I live to serve as an interm solution was another Xplod 2200-GTX. I removed the other amp and replaced them both with this single amp.

Now on to the problem. The amp runs for awhile and then the protection kicks in and shuts the amp down for a few seconds and then resumes to work. This is with the head unit set below half volume. On the amp there is a 300mV to 6V adjustable input. I am using the line level output from the head unit which is normally around the 300mV level.

What gauge of wire should be used to go from the amp to the subs and would this cause a problem. Its a 2 channel amp with one channel running each sub...

Thnx in advance for the input

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12 gauge is good for subs...but that wouldn't cause clipping...clipping is due to overdriving the amplifier...thats happening basically because its sony...they make good home theatre products but their car audio department slacks greatly.

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I think I solved the problem, I returned the amp and ordered a Macrom M1A.275 It should be here tomorrow, hopefully this solves the problem.

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