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i have no rear speakers and want to install 6x9s. how do i go about finding the factory rear speaker wire and running it to were i want it?

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find the factory speakers
find a manner in which to get to the back of said speakers
and the run wire to apporiate place

if you talking about you used to have rear speakers and somehow the were taken out or stolen or for some reason just not there, or if you HU has 4 channels and your only using 2 of them and what to add 2 rear speakers
if so the either dig (not litterally) around where the old rear speakers were to lcate the old speaker wire if not pull out the HU and just run new wire around under carpet etc.. to where you want the speakers

but if you just want speakers in the back unscrew the other speaskers in your car and just splice into the existing speaker wire and run it to the back of your car/tuck/suc/mini-van

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thanks that kinda helps :-) thing is there are no factory speakers but i took out the HU and found were there wire should go, although i dont know how to put the new wire into the wiring loom, the front speaker wires seem to be attached to it using special connectors which fit the loom and the ajoining plug. anyone know which connectors i shud be using? also, what sort of wire should i be using to wire the 6x9s with?

thanks in advance
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