Damaging subwoofers


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What are some ways that you can damage a subwoofer with a amp? Also how can you tell when they are getting damaged.


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Top 3 ways to damage a sub.
1. Clipping
2. Using cheap amps like sony, pyramid, and lanzar.
3. Not using search to find this already posted topic.

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umm having gains set too high, over/underpowering by alot, damn theres alot you can do, push on the cone see if it makes a scratchy noise if it does it blown. u can tell when they are damaged when the sound like sh*t

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"Using cheap amps like sony, pyramid, and lanzar"

"umm having gains set too high, over/underpowering by alot, "

The amp really has nothing to do with it, as does the gains, as long as the amp isn't clipping. To add to that, underpowering a sub does NOT harm it, clipping does.

How to hurt a subwoofer:

Clipping, which leads to melted voice coils
Too much power, which leads to melted voice coils, or over-excursion, it's very easy to make a sub "bottom out" in free air, and many people beat their subs because they play around with them in free air, using the same wattage that they would with the sub in a box.

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Yeah you can't harm a sub by underpowering it, usually poeple who underpower turn the gain to high to compensate and in turn clips the amp, messes up the sub and they get the impression that underpowering causes harm.
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