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what kind of power do i need to use the potential of 4 hifonics bx1500d amps run at 1 ohm each. What alt and batts would be minumum, by the way the largest alt i can find for my car is 150, anyone know where i can get a larger one

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Subfanatic, the alternator size is limited by your car's make/model. There is only so much space under the hood of your neon.
I know you're trying to do SPL, but at what price? Some of the trucks/vans that has 4 or 5 amps in the car has 2 250A HO alternators. They were custom designed for it. You're talking serious money.
You can easily see if that's possible just by looking under the hood. If you don't see any space for 2 alternators, then it can't be done. The setup I saw needed ample space for 2 alternators plus custom made brackets for them.
You mentioned running 4 amps to a quad VC setup. First off, Hifonics are cheap amps. They're pretty bad in quality. I wouldn't say it's worse than Pyramid/Sony/Boss/Pyle/Lanzar, but it's right up there.
You'd be very lucky to find 4 amps that put out exact power numbers. You can do some serious damage by supplying conflicting powers to each VCs in the sub. They were designed to receive equal signal and power. If any one of the amps had a hiccup, then you can easily blow out the VC.
You would be better off wiring them all in parallel and use one amp powerful enough to drive them. This way, all VCs will get identical signal and power.
You really are using the wrong car for SPL setup.

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Seriously Sub, I agree with Isaac. I can't see why you want to turn your Neon into a spl car...

The best thing I could see you doing is leaving the alt you have in, and then getting a custom made one, and having a custom bracket made so you can mount the second one. Then you could use the second one as a dedicated alt for your system, and if you have voltage problems the rest of your car is unaffected. Remember, adding huge alts, and more than one alt is gonna put a little more strain on your engine.

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And when you do get your 4 amps installed with whatever heavy subs and box your using, your most likely gonna need new shocks or other suspension parts because of all the weight. You can't just throw a few hundred pounds of audio equipment into a little car and expect it to be fine.

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I got my alternator there, and it works great. He makes 200 amp alternators for just about everything, and in some cases, 250 or even 300 amp alternators. Good prices, too.

As for the quad amp setup - like Isaac said, you're going to need custom work done for a 2nd alternator, and have things modified, etc.. Now, thing is, if you're willing to shell out that kind of cash, why go with HiFonics?? It'd almost be sad seeing so much spent on the setup, to then see a series of budget amps. (I'm NOT knocking hifonics, I personally love the brutus 1605), but it's almost like having a mansion built, and buying furniture from goodwill...

As far as batteries go, you'd be best off having whatever battery you prefer to start with, and then on top of that, get a pair of yellow tops isolated.

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yea i was thinking of goign witha brutus 1500 to push my 2 12" L7's becuz i got a 2000Watt american legacy and it dont push $hit but they are both 4ohm dvc's wired to 2 ohm and if i put both of those on one mono amp will it still be 2ohm cuz i need to know how much power im gonna need cuz like it says 1ohm gets 1500 2ohm .... exc. so i need to know will 1500 be enuf to push them or should i just spend the 400 bucks and go with a kicker 1000Watt or a memphis d 1000Watt or somthin my friend has 2 15" L7's and hes pushin them with a memphis 1000 and it is just crazy in his blazer probably the best system in town besides the navigator with 12" eclipse this dudes civic hatchback with 10 10" kicker comp VR

anyone suggest wat amp to run??? and for some reason when they hooked it up the power backfed and cost me 500 dollars in electronics on my car the computer and all my sensors burned up i htought it was cuz the farad cap but idk now i think its how they hooked the system up anyone got any ideas?
im just not gonna run it i guess i think im just gonna run a battery and a better amp or somthin
should i run jsut a regular battery like the one i have in my car or should i get a yellow top?

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and when running a new battery how big of a alternator shoudl i get?

and why are ppl runnin like 7 batterys for like 4 amps dont u only need 1 battery per amp??? wtas the point??
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