Slight problem with getting good mids with Profile amp


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I am not super experienced with amps and audio equiptment. I have two amps in my Durango, one pushing all four door speakers (JBL P650c and JBL P652), and the other pushing an 8" sub in the custom T-form. The sub setup is working good and sounding good. The problem is with the JBLs. I have a California Profile 640w 4-channel amp on the speakers.

Originally, I hooked the speakers up through the existing factory wiring but replaced the HU with a JVD SHX900 which has 22 RMS per channel. The speakers sounded like crap even after many adjustments in the external crossovers and from the head. Hence, I bought the 4-channel 75w RMS Profile. I hooked it up, ran all new wiring, and fired it up. The sound was significantly louder and clearer. I am happy with the high frequencies but am having quite a time getting the mids were I would like. The rear door speakers sound ... muffled almost? It is a difficult sound to describe. I have tweeked and tweeked the amp as much as I now how. Is there somesort of typically settings for mids that I should be looking for? I have researched and have tried all that I have read. It may be my ear, the rear speakers, or perhaps even the amp. Any ideas?
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