Epi need to know THE BEST!!!!!


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I need some help people. I have been to 3 different audio expert stores around here and im being told 3 different things, Kicker, JL Audio, and Planet Audio. Now what im looking for is simple, im looking for the best! Throw price out the window, plain and simple im looking for the best speaker, component, coaxial, and subwoofer. So can you help me, i want something that you can hear a mile away but also with GREAT sound quality. My car will eventually be a sound competition car so i have to have the best. So please, help me lol. thanks.

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Out of those 3 i would say JL but are you willing to go with possibly other brands then that?

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When you say "sound competition," do you mean spl?
Jl 12W7/13.5W7's are basically the best sql subs. As far as main stream brands.

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there is not going to be any one best sub or one best component. some components are going to be more lively than others and some will be more neutral. it depends on what sounds good to you.
similar with subs

imo reputable components:

reputable Subs:
ID Max
Digital Designs
Sound Spinter
Incriminator Audio
Ascedant Audio
Adire Brahmas
Atomics tml
Elemental Designs
Crystal Comps
Diamond Audio D9
JL Audio
Eclipse Ti
Beyond Audio
Dayton Titanic MarkIV ic_12_mkiii/

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best components, no price limit?
Rainbow Reference or Platinum series.

best amplifiers? several to choose from.
Tru Technologies
US Amps
Harrison Labs

best subs? depends on your ear and your goals. for SQ, I'd go ID IDmax in an aperiodic enclosure.

of the three companies you listed though, forget the planet audio crap, kicker is middle of the road. JL is very good.. although not of the caliber of product I listed above.

for a head unit and signal processing, go Alpine F#1status. period. use their digital signal processing with their head unit, and connect your amplifiers to that.
If you need EQing beyond that, which is unlikely, look at Audiocontrol

sound deaden the entire car from roof to floorboards, trunk and firewall, doors, trunk lid, etc.

upgrade the entire electrical system. alternator, deep cycle batteries, isolator, proper gauge power cable, and fused d-blocks and a thermal circuit breaker at the battery

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Hey Mike,, dont forget A/D/S in your speaker lineup! :P

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yeah, i remember a/d/s from way back. they were really good back when soundstream was high end. i havn't heard much of anything from them lately. nothing at all really. saw an ad in a mag though (they still look good).
do you know if they are still quality or not?

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i did forget to mention SEAS though. i havn't heard them , but i trust jonathan's recomendation.
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