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I wanted Audiobahn 1508T's but now I have searched this forum and DAMN! they must suck.

So I have now found the 13W7's


Would those be some bomb a$$ subs?

I'm not purchasing there, its just a link.

What amp would you reccomend for that sub to bump at its full potential?

Is 1 enough? Or 2?

1995 Blazer

I listen to Rap/Hip Hop.


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great sub... one 1000/1 is enough

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1 is enough...2 will rattle the sh!t out of your blazer

hey big ed you posted one 1000/1 is enough. does that mean you could have 2 amps to a sub?

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Of course. In SPL competitions, they'll use 6 or more amps on just one sub.

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hi adam. nice turn around, from audiobahn to the w7. they are good subs, but just so expensive. if you can get one for low, that would be a great choice. however, just keep in mind that there exist arguably equal/better subs for less:

id maxx

just to name a few. if you continue to search, you can find tons of input on them.
but to answer your question, i think you would be amazed with just one 13w7. i have a friend with just a 10" and it sounds like two 12"s. but then again, for the price you will likely pay for one, you can get two of the others (i always run at least two subs).

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@ mikechec9: i have this one dood that i met and he can hook me up with wholesale prices on almost everything. I could get the Audiobahns for like $325 a sub. I'll check out those other brands and see what they run.

2 subs is what i would like but i think it would be overkill for this. and not to mention the $$$$.

@ Ryan: haha i know, 2 of these would tear it APART!!

@ BIG ed: I heard they were great sounding subs and 1 is enough

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so say if i get 2 RL-P 15's they would sound a hell of a lot better even though they are amazingly cheap???

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hey mike can you get me a pic (or anyone at that matter) of the"xxx" and the "avalanche" subs???
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