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where can i find a high powered alternator for a honda civic (1989). also my old alternator (the one that came with the car) and im guessin it was my sound system that killed. put a brand new one in, would it be safe to run the sound system again or not. any help appreciated

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the best site i've found was www.mralternator.com

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How many amps are you using for your sound system and how many amps is your alternator able to put out. Given that it is a 1989 Civic I would have to guess at 60-75 amps.

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check eBay.
I see Accord and Civic alternators on there for dirt cheap all the time.
under $200.
usually in the 120-130A range. stock is usually around 60-70A

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i have a kx800.2 bridged to a 12" L7 in a 2001 dodge ram with an alternator rated at 136amps, but when i turn my system up loud the amp cuts out and the protection light turns on, when i turn in down it turns back on and keeps playing. shouldnt that alternator be enough to run that amp, is there a way i can get my amp to stop cutting out?

aaron....you need a bigger alt.

that amp is drawing alot of amps!!!Its a class AB amp...

its prolly drawing the most part of that 136A!!!get something like a 160A-180A
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