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i need help with my audio system.
I have 4 subs and 2 amplifier hooked up in my room, powered by a (12 volt, 6 amperes) battery charger. The problem is that, every time I boost the bass, I hear electrical popping from my subs and also when i turn the volume up, my audio system cuts off. can anyone help?

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the popping from your subs is probably clipping, and you said this is all in your room? at your house or apt. im assuming? you might be drawing too much current through an outlet and blowing a fuse or circuit breaker

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if you take the watts of one of the amps and divide it by the amount of volts you are giving it you well get the amount of amps that it needs to run properly i think that you well find that 6amps is not enough i couldnt power a 300watt rms jbl with 7 amps at 14.2 volts. EX.(300 / 14.2 = 21) so i needed 21 amps just for this crumy little jbl, do the same with the other amp and add the amps together

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Basically, the battery charger is not made to power amps, high draw, they are made to slowly charge a battery. You need an inverter from 120 ac to 12 volts dc.
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