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I was just wondering what the difference between a class A/B and a class D amp is?

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When a class A/B amp is run at low volumes, it works as a class A amp, which are the most accurate, but also the least efficient. When the A/B amp is run at high volumes, it operates as a class B amp. Class B amps produce more distortion than class A amps, but are also more effecient. Overall A/B amps are more accurate, or have less distortion than class D amps, but are also less effecient.

Class D amps are much more effecient, but the sound quality is much lower than that of A/B amps.

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Then why are class D amps so much more expensive? One would think that better accuracy would mean more money.

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in most simple terms:

where "-" is the signal,


class A/B= -------------------------------------

class D= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

that's why D is currently only used in bass applications. because you don't notice the gaps.

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For equal power class A/B and D amps, class D are always cheaper.
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