Sealed or ported?


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Depends on what type of sound your looking for. Personally I usually go for sealed ( I think it has cleaner soud).

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Kyle is right. Go for sealed if you want tighter response from your sub for better sound quality. Or if your looking more for SPL (aka loudness), go the ported way.

im jsut looking for a straight loud....sound quality isnt too much of a worry...i just want really loud

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Then port it.

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Yeah go with ported. Man that sucks when you get 8,000 posts you have to register all over again i wanted to go for a

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I think you did have the record, heh.

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Glasswolf! Answer my f'in email... LOL. JK man, where you been?

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how do you tune a box? and what does 28hz and stuff mean

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If you don't anything about stuff like that, and you've never done wood working before, you should get the box built for you. Ported boxes need to be built a pretty exact way, compared to sealed boxes.
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