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hi guys ive just read one of the forums and someone said that the AMP NEEDS to HAVE MORE RMS than the Sub does!!!! is that good cuz i always thought that its good to have a little higher rms of sub than amp becuase if u crank that up than u can blow the sub simply because ur giving more power than ur supposed hae a same rms or lil higher what do u guys think?S:S:S: ALSO i am planing to run a alpine mono amp 300 rms X1 2ohms on rockford fosgate 1000watt sub with 500rms 250 each coil with that amp ro run an alpine type r!???? what u guys think.... plz help me.. if thats safe or a good idea.. i am not willing to spend more money on amp guys i knwo i can geta better amp but i just cannt sped more money on car audio no moe..

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whoever told u that is an idiot .. many subs dont need near there rms value to reach its full potential.. RMS is a thermal rating.. so subwoofer wise if u have a 500 W rms subwoofer it means the sub can safely take 500watts before u risk melting the voice coils.. i dont know what your asking about the rockford but that amp will work with a type r

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I think what he he means by a little more is that the higer you raise the volume the more distorted the sound can get. by supplying slightly more power than what is needed you won't need to turn the volume up as loud reducing distortion. It doesn't need to have more, but some say it helps.
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