What does it mean to tune an enclosure?


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I know it has something to do with the size of the port/vent in a ported box, but when you tune it to a certain frequency, 35hz for example, what does that mean?

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well most people will tune a port at a low frequency .. around 30 hertz.. really deep bass .. the reason is that once something plays below this frequency the driver cannot control it which is why a subsonic filter is used to block the frequencies.. however everything above the tuning frequency will be louder than say a sealed box .. how much louder depends on a lot of factors of course but usually around 3 db.. a longer port will tune the box at a lower frequency.. length depends on size of the box the driver and size of the port..

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Ok, that explained some things and opened up a few more questions.

For one, what exactly is a driver?

So, does a subsonic filter block all frequencies below what your box is tuned to? If so, how exactly does this work?

Sorry, but I'm REALLY new to the whole Car Audio scene. Maybe if you could direct me to some detailed tutorials that are easy to read, I might not have to ask so many obvious questions.


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The driver is a fancy way of saying your subwoofer or speaker, yes a subsonic filter will block out the freq. below what its set at. man i saw a site like that the other nite let me look for it again if i do or dont find it i will let you know. i would just go sealed and say the hell with it. i like sq over spl anyway :-)
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