A Honda Headunit Nightmare (Short Story)


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Well thursday night I decided to install my friends new head unit into her '99 Civic. Having a knac for car/home audio, I figured this would be a breeze, also, according to people like West Coast Customs, Hondas are oh so easy to work on, and thats why people have them. So, with a couple screwdrivers, a wiring harness (hint hint) and a new pioneer deck, I was ready to get started. Little did I know that after some googling, I had to begin from the glove compartment, remove the driver side panel, remove the top center panel, remove the bottom center panel with the cigarrete lighter, and remove every other panel you could possibly imagine BEFORE i could even get my hand behind the radio. Then for about another hour I figured out how to force the entire center console out and unplug everything, from hazard lights to AC. By the timw I was done with actually taking out the radio, I called it an evening and went to sleep. After my football practice at school, I came back to my friend's to finish up what I started. As I figured everything was ready, I pull out the trust y wiring harness i purchased for her at Fry's <outpost.com>. To my surprise, the harness did not fit. Sure, the sales rep gave me the kit that said 86-2001, but the actual price tag read 86-95. BTW, the reciept was long gone...So we call up fry's and they said that "they didn't know whether or not they could replace it, but if [we] brought it in, they would take a look at it.] So, me and my friends brother took the car to my house before going to fry's to get some money in case we had to buy another one, and as I am turning the car off, the key is stuck, it will not move. The car will not start. All it did was BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. Thank you Honda Corporation. You made my day the worst ever. So I asked a Honda guru and he said to disconnect the battery and see what happens. But of course, we left all the tools at my friends house where we were working on the car. So we spent the next 2 hours trying to find tools. Finally, we got a 10mm wrench, and got the car to start up. Took the harness to fry's and they replaced it like they should have..took the car back home. continued where i should have been about half the day ago. *SIGH* at least i conqured u, mister civic. haha. the moral is, never trust a sales rep unless you have no idea about car audio, and if you dont have any idea about car audio, do some research of your own. itll do your mind good. also, dont work on hondas, they are extra secure so that i can't steal my own radio or car eventhough i have the keys. and DONT ever throw away reciepts. i guess that is my story. keep on playin those stereos ^_^
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