Different ways to hook up a system.


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I have some friends that say they can hook up a system really well to where it'll hit really hard. some say they can make cheap subs sound amazing. honestly, how many ways are there to hook up a system?

the only way i know is to bridge the subs into the amp. i know you can get crossovers and stuff. but is there really that many ways to hook up a system?

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well there is alot of ways to hook up a system...
it depends mostly on what ohm the subs could handle and if they have the right amo to power the sub.
i have two 15'' audiobahns and i have them wired to 2 ohm each and then have them both being bridged and they sound perfect. so it only depends on what the sub could handle and what amp they are powering it with...

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there are many things that can affect the way a certain amp pushes a certain set of subs. First you have different impedence settings which in an unregulated amp will give you more power the lower you go ex-200watts at 4ohms wil usually yield 400 watts at 2ohms, and 800 watts at 1ohm(if it is 1ohm stable), next you have x-over settings which will make a very big difference if these are set wrong but for a typical sub setting 80htz is normally sufficiant, next you have bass boosts which will give you an additional boom right before the points of distortion these should not be used heavily for a good sounding system. Next if you have sub level adjustment on your deck that can play hugely into the amount of boom you get out of you subs with various types of music. There are many things that play a part in how your system sound, wiring is also a big part if you are wiring a 1000 watt amp with 10guage wire and a 40amp fuse you are never going to get full output from that amp. Eq's also make a huge difference in output levels and SQ everything plays into eachother its not just the subs and amp that make your subs sound great.
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