Anyone know a way to secure an amp without screws?


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Lotsa velcro?

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That's not good with heat.
If you don't want to use screws, then build a frame/cage that can accept the amp and then have a latch or lock to hold it in place.

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Thats was kind of a joke.

Its awful difficult w/o screwin somethin in somewhere.



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thats what she said ;)

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Fishy, I'm trying to make a frame/cage in the trunk where I can just slide in the amps. Makes it easier for replacing amps and wires.
I have a set for winter and summer. Right now I have to unscrew and screw. So far the only way it'll happen screwless is to mount a frame on the bottom of the amp and then slide it into the cage. Then have some kind of locking system to hold it in place.

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I have 2 amps held down by velcro, but its the double lock kind. It's 5 times stronger than the regular fuzz against loop kind. I have a textured black painted box with 4 subs, and on each side of the subs are 2 stainless steel plates. The amps are velcroed down on to the plates. For 2 and a half years now they have not budged. The double lock kind, you get no play like you do the other kind.

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Hah--I got some Velcro that'll hold your a55 to the wall...literally. It's industrial strength Velcro, rated up to like 75lbs or something rediculous like that. It's some bad stuff man...

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I saw a commerical for clear duct tape today.
You could use some of that.

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I think it would be alooottt easier to unscrew/screw something than creating a cage or using some insane velcro. Screwdrivers aren't that hard to use.
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