Whats the HELL is this?


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Does this sub kick? thats CRAZY

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=48613%26item%3D5774633829 %26

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that sub is freakin huge how would they make something that big

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lol tell me about it man..

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yea it's real.. I dunno about 5,000 rms on it.. but it's real. thebassbin.co.uk used to have them forever ago.. but they costed about 4k more than the 3,000 big on it now. It's useless, I can get 3 10s and be mucho louder than that thing ever could.
sure it has size, but honestly, why?

it .. is a real speaker, but a waste at that.

You could get 6-7 kicker solo x's for that ones price, even that the moment. So.. real yet " retarded." .. lol funny people on here have me wanting smaller subs now and it's rubbed off quick :S. I can't get rid of my kicker fast enough for some 10s.

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id go with 3 eclipse ti 18 pros ol

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yeh what ^^ said either that or 4 18" MT's.LOL

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The main reason why someone would purchase 34" sub is for ultra low sound. Look at the frequency response, 13Hz - 400Hz. You can get 10 12" subs, and it will NOT produce 13Hz bass notes.
5000w will be required to produce such low notes that can be felt blocks away.
That truck/van doesn't have enough volume/space for the 34" sub. Maybe in a bus.

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truck or van, dude that looks like an Old Hatchbak renewed. LOL!, how would you use that subwoofer without blowing anything including yourself apart?
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