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hey all, im working on setting up my first system. pretty much all my electronics are sony so i figured i should do the same in my car. i didnt read enough reviews before i bought, so i now have a sony deck, amp, and subs. anyway i got everything used on ebay and so far i have my deck and a 4g. cable kit. coming in the mail today are 2 12" 1200 max xplod subs and a 1000 watt 50-400hz dual channel xplod amp, in a ported box. i need to know how to wire everything. i dont know ohms or any of that so please help me out.
peace, ty

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ohms and rms power specs are gonna be needed and I assume those subs are SVC, I can't remember off hand.

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how do i find out ohms and rms? are they on the back of the subs or something?

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you should be able to find on the box or maybe the sub if they are SVC 2ohm, 4ohm whatever or DVC 2 ohm, 4ohms whatever... and rms is how much continuous power the subs need (for the sub) and how much contiunuous power the amp pushes (for the amp)

the amount of power changes depending on the impedence (ohms) example: if the amp pushes 1000 watts rms at 2 ohm its probably going to push 500 w rms at 4 ohm or 2000 watts rms at 1 ohm.

i dont know exactly how to wire them but,,, i do nkow that say you have SVC subs that are 2 ohm... if you want to wire them to 1 ohm you wire them in parallel and if you want a 4 ohm load then you wire them in series.

when you find out if your subs are SVC or DVC (single voice coil or dual voice coil) and what the impedence is per Voice coil then post that along with the full specifications of the amp and im sure some1 can help you out.... sorry i couldnt be too much of a help

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amp specs:
Sony XM-2165GTX
165 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms
200 watts x 2 at 2 ohms
400 watts x 1 bridged output at 4 ohms
stereo or bridged mono output
4-ohm stable in bridged mode
Tri-Way capable
MOSFET power supply and output stages
50-300 Hz low-pass filter, 12 dB/octave
variable bass boost (0-10 dB) centered at 40 Hz
15-3/16"W x 2-1/4"H x 10-1/4"D

heres what i could find on the subs:
Sony XS-L1200B
4-layer voice coil
frequency response 22-2,500 Hz
power range 50-200 watts RMS
peak power handling 800 watts
sensitivity 89 dB

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Please guys i really need help here. im a newbie to the whole thing and i dont know what to do. one other thing, my amp has two 30 fuses. will the 60 fuse that came with my wiring kit support it? thanks to everyone so far.
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