Amp for 2 300 watt rms 4ohm DVC subs


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I bought a pair of Infinity Kappa 120.3 dual voice coil 4ohm 12" subs I am wondering what power/brand of amp would be best. A friend told me to get a 600 watt bridged at 4 ohm amp and run the subs in series/parallel. alot of this is foreign to me thanks for the help

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The way your friend has it set up you would be sending 150 Watts to each coil. There are a lot of amps out there that would send more to each coil if you wired each input, two per sub, in parallel +2+, -2- and wired them onto each channel of an amplifier for a two ohm load per channel. But the best bet might be two purchase two monoblock amplifiers, one for each sub, and wire them in the same manner.

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JBL 600.1
600Wrms x 1 @ 2 and @ 1 Ohm.
that'd go straight parallel, and give 300W per sub

or, get two 300.1 amps, one per sub, from Kicker, JBL, Avionixx, or MTX

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I just ordered this amp glasswolf any instructions for telling the tech installing it, do I just say I want em running in parallel at 2 ohms? and do I need a capacitor or anything and what does a subsonic filter do will I need one in a small sealed box?

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Tell him to wire both Infinity Subs in parallel
Dual 4 ohm in parallel is 2 ohms
2 Dual 4 ohm in parallel is 1<--Right way

Capacitors just send extra juice to ur subs when they hit those low notes,woulnd't hurt to have one if you have the money.

With a Sealed box you dont need an subsonic filter
all they do is keep the subs from going below their frequency in a ported enclosure.


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thanks so much for your time guys

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tell him to use Y splitters so that all 4 RCA inputs of the amp get signal.
trust me, you'll hear a difference.
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