How much louder????


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how much louder is 1 15 going to be then 1 12... (the atlas's) because the 15 is only 5$ more but im really on a budget and i can't find a cheap single 15" box for the 15.. but theres tons for the 12 so it'll save me some money----- is there much difference???

P.S. if you guys see any cheap 15" boxes please let me know-- i know the atlas is a SQ sub but i want some SPL!!! thats why im goin with the 15" most likely

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also.. im only 15 and my B-day isn't untill february so i can't drive for like 9 monthes-- should i get 1 15" atlas why i still can... or is there going to be somthing better for the same price(105$) in 9 monthes??


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I'd personally get a 15 over a 12, you'll notice an increase in spl and a little better low end from the 15". Don't forget a 15" is gonna take up more room in your car too. But, personally for 5 bucks more, why the he.ll wouldn't you get the 15?

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Yup, and you'd better buy that fast! They quit using the xb motor, thats the reason its so cheap. Once they are all sold... you're screwed.
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