Toyota Hilux New Unit Not Working


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Im trying to hook up a new head unit to me mates 1991 Toyota hilux. The new unit is a Panasonic CQ-C5400W. I looked up the cable identification on the net for the hilux and found them. Ive got 4 wires

Memory(+12v constant)Blue/Yellow
Ignition(=12v Switched)Grey
Ground (-) Brown
Illuminator Green

I hooked up the yellow 15 amp battery wire from the unit to the Blue/Yellow

I hooked up the red ACC wire from the unit to the Grey wire

I hooked up the black ground wire from the unit to the brown wire

Left the green wire out and crimped it up as the unit doesnt have a sleep light.

NOW the thing is we start the car up and nothing happens....... We hooked back up the old unit and it works fine. Cant seem to get our head around it. All fuses are fine, had to replace the grey 7.5 fuse though, as we shorted it out accidently.

I buzzed out the grey wire to the chassy and it shows 12 volts dc when the ignition is on. But the other 3 wires always show continuity whether the car is on or off, they dont show any volts though??? this is what i dont understand, shouldnt the 12 constant always have 12 volts?

This is the first time we have done this. Should the cables from the unit and the hilux be the same size??? The new unit also shows continuity from the ACC wire to the ground wire so im assuming that there is nothing wrong with the new unit either...

Before i get carried away with telling you my problem solving ill stop it here and just ask if any one knows what is going on and how the problem can be fixed... Remember the old unit works when we hook it back up but the new one doesnt....


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try hook the yellow wire form the headunit to the green wire.
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