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**NOTE: this idea is for SEALED enclosures only. I don't believe the high Qts setting is recommended for ported enclosures. If you are running a ported eclosure and want to do this, CALL Chad at Ascendent Audio to make sure you can run the sub in the high Qts setting. For sealed enclosures, I know this will work b/c it's how i currently have my Atlas 12 set up - 1.5ft^3 (and it kicks a$$ :-))

Anyways, I've noticed a few people are getting Atlas'. Fishy gave me this idea. As you all probably know, the Atlas is a SVC 4ohm sub, but it also has a second voice coil to adjust the Qts. What the he11 are Qts? Well, simply put, different Qts settings will yield different sounding bass. The low Qts setting is better for sound quality, if you were looking at a frequency response graph, the roll-off on the low-end is smooth, and results in a more natural sound. The high Qts setting however, adds a bump at the rolloff point, which results in significantly more output (SPL) at the "roll-off" frequency, kinda like what a ported box does to the sound of the bass. So, one option is to simply do what is suggested on the website - place a wire jumper over the second voice coil for low Qts setting, take it off for High Qts setting. The other option (thanks again for the idea Fishy) is to run speaker wire from that voice coil to a potentiometer, which is simply a variable resistor. by turning the knob on the pot, you are changing the resistance (same as if you were removing/putting on the wire jumper over the voice coil), and in turn adjusting the Qts. The knob gives you an almost infinite amount of Qts settings instead of just high and low. This allows you to adjust the bass at any point to tailor it to each song and your preference. I installed the pot in my console, but of course you can put it anywhere you like, dash, etc.
Go to The part numbers are listed below. When installing, you'll see that the potentiometer has three mounting spots, just hook the positive wire to the middle stud, and the negative wire to one of the other studs (i dont think it matters which one).

Potentiometer(this is the one Chad recommended): CT2155-ND

Knob(this is the one i got, but you may want to get one that is deeper depending on how you are mounting it. just make sure you get one that fits a 1/4" shaft): 226-4021-ND

When I asked Chad if this would work, he said that he actually used to have a pot hooked up to one of his subs in his car, and was thinking of marketing /selling a potentiometer with the sub, but he thought that it might be too confusing for most people. If ya'll have any questions or problems hooking it up, post it on this thread or feel free to email me -

There is also a tech sheet on Adire's website about this concept. Go to, click on "Technical," then "Tech Reports," then "Resistively Damped Operation." In theory, this concept would work with any DVC sub, but you would lose half the power handling of the sub b/c you are basically wasting one of the voice coils that was designed to be powered. The Atlas, however, was designed exactly for such use and the second voice coil cannot ever be powered.

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I have to try that out:-)

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it's pretty sweet.

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man...thats a really good idea.

holly, custom tailoring a sub to your prefrence would be awsome.

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i too gotta thank fishy for this info....thanks man.....thanks to you to jw for sharing
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