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Any body want 2 10" rockfords Chris Langner3
Dilema, 12" vs 15" idmax/avaJames Longo6
Atlas 12" or 15"James Longo2
Help!!!!James Longo2
Which sub for moms corvette :-)...D P W22
Ap enclosureGlassWolf9
A little study of what polyfill really does in sealed and ported boxesGlassWolf9
What is ripplesean1
2 Avalanche Loc_out1
Eclipse SW9152 Titanium Subwoofer 15" in sealed MDF box MO1
4 ohm subs or 2 ohm sub?Chris Langner5
You know you want a sweet deck for cheap.........taylor172
Just need some feed back and opinionstaylor176
SoundsplinterRob Fox2
Good cds?eric williams27
Will I need an alternater?James Longo3
1600rms sealed? 1200rms ported?mixneffect2
You know what sucks.....Hunter Warren5
Just for the heck of competitionHunter Warren7
CCFL's in my trunkJexxen Trivic2
Anyone heard the MTX 8500'sJohn McCourmik3
Help! Whats the best way i could hook my system up?John McCourmik4
StrokerRob Fox6
What are some good subsChris Langner9
Ok need a lil suggestions!donny keen7
My first SystemYamaha Banshee1
What would i hitdonny keen6
Box sizedonny keen7
Any1 know where i can download a tweeter test online?Trevor Eaton1
Rate my systemtaylor173
What amp to choseJames Longo3
Need your helpJames Longo10
Power T2'staylor1733
Alright guys, i need some help!!!Darren T Wojtowicz6
2 Memphis MC 10s or 1 JL 8w7?Brandon7
Need Sub 4 Camaro? Anonymous28
1600rms sealed? 1200rms ported?James Longo2
Vented or Ported?Dankman Nuggetz9
One sub Big boxDankman Nuggetz6
Kicker 12L7sean13
Amp for ED 13Ov.2...mo3
Which 1?James Longo8
Alpine Type R or AtlasJames Longo22
Need Specs: Kicker F6.5C . . . Please help!Bryan D5
My new system specsJames Longo2
Stock speaker swap what is the best 5 x 7David Brunner4
X x x's need a home?David Brunner2
Speaker sensitivityPete Biegler4
Amp questioneric williams5
ALPINE TYPE X 12"... ANYONE GOT ONE???skyliner174
Help hooking up RE SX 15" to JL 1000/1Rickey1
Dual alts?Richard Hassler1
Orion ampsRichard Hassler12
MTX RFL152Rickey3
Need your inputChris Langner9
RE SX15 and JL 12W7marshall white10
Stereo vs Mono amp?James Longo5
Snail Shell Help PLZJames Longo3
Best subwooferDat dude13
Infinity Kappa perfect 12.1 VS RF punch P3taylor173
Please help with sub/box/tune qestion...Jeff Loughrey4
Alpine S or Infinity Perfect 10.1Dtimmyg6
Bridgingmarshall white3
What sub should i use ? also ampJeff Loughrey9
New JL Audio W1v2 subwoofer!!Dankman Nuggetz5
INVERTING SUBS!johnny lemoine14
Aye do juggernaut compare toany other subs out there sean2
How many subs?nick6
Two boxes vs. one(SPL lose???)AlpineThumping5
Enclosure for 10" Kicker L7 in Scion tCDavid Brunner10
18" limited chrome rims for sale....Rob Fox2
Entry level subsDavid Brunner16
What size of sealed box should i put my 15" alpine type R in??!?Blair Burnett12
Amps to run 2 X.X.X's?James Longo2
What do you guys recommend?James Longo6
Where to buy JL!James Longo3
Box for my L7's?Jeff Loughrey3
Help please!Connor1932
Best, cheap subsJonathan19
Overall System Help (Glass)Jonathan6
Suggestions on a small free air sub (approx 6.5")marshall white2
X.x.x or MT?marshall white9
Any one ever heard of thisReiko Valdaz11
Onyx subs?donny keen2
System advicedonny keen3
Pioneer goin downhill?John McCourmik9
Installing a stereoJeff Loughrey3
How loud is "loud"?marshall white4
Installing stereoabraham1
RE SX 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!marshall white25
Quick question about my sub....marshall white6
IDmax 4 ohm or 2 ohmJames Longo6
Questions about sub, enclosure, etc...James Longo5
Sub Boxhowie feltersnatch4
Non-rediculously expensive 15" sub with good SQ?James Longo13
Does bandpass travel farther than sealed?Patrick Frison9
0.5 ohm load JUST FOR 5 MINSPatrick Frison4
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