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I have an Alpine CHA-S634 in my BMW 325i. The radio of the 325i has no MP3 capability, so it simply sees an MP3 CD as a CD with a lot of tracks. When burning multiple albums of MP3s to a CD, I'd sometimes like the songs to be played in a particular sequence.

If I burn each album in its own folder, I have found that the songs play in alphabetic order by file name. So, I use an option when ripping the songs to put the track number at the front of the file name, such as "01-First song.mp3", "02-Second track.mp3", etc. This works within each folder on the CD. However, it does not seem to work for the folders themselves. I tried the same trick for naming the folders, but the folders end up playing in an unpredictable sequence.

This is probably not that big a deal, but it messed up my attempt to label which track each album started at -- I have to insert the CD and then see what plays when.

Are there any tricks to forcing an order of folder/directory processing? Is it in any way dependent on the burning program? I use Roxio EMC 7, and its content list shows the folders in the order that I am expecting before I burn the CD.
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