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someone wanna give me a smart guess lol. which do you think would be louder.... 3 JL 10w7's sealed with 500 watts each, or 1 15" x.x.x. ported with 1200 watts, and does anyone know of a good, not toooooo expensive amp for 1500 watts rms at 1 ohm??

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or the 15" x.x.x. in a ported box compaired to the 3 jl 10w7's in a ported enclosure? which do you think would sound better and be louder!


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ok first of all...jl will get louder...second the hifonics brutus 1500D...not efficient but it puts out

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ok, but i mean a better amp than that lol. like $350-600 ish range or an ebay one that would work well! and you think the 3 10w7's sealed would get louder than the 15" x.x.x. ported?

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i believe the PPI 1500.1 is a good amp for 599 on

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i got a great amp on ebay
3200 watts for about 33 bucks
add shiping and it was 59
check the bids that are just about to end on amps
you should get a great deal

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damn shame your amp wont put out ANYWHERE near 3200 watts....well correction, it about .05ohms right before it sets itself get what you pay for...

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haha anyone else have any other ideas on a pretty good amp thats 1500 watt rms at 1 ohm?! from like $350-650 ish... besides the ppi 1500.1 and the brutus?

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ZRS-8 - Cadence 1500 Watt Mono Amplifier....$628.99 1500 watts at @ 1 ohm.... hows that, anyone ever used cadence amps before?

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kicker Kx1200.1

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Mm Gotta love those 3200W amps that only cost 33$! I got a great deal! hahaha.
Cadence is a pretty decent brand. You can usually gauge the quality of the product by the price. Just look around at a few places and get an average price that the product goes for. Of course, that doesn't ALWAYS work, but you get the idea.
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