Whats a break in?


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whats all this talk about people saying they got a sub and how they sound so great after the break-in and blah blah blah. What do they mean by break-in? I thought subs sound the same as they do when you get them, forever. I got an mtx 12" mzs1204 600w max superwoofer which is supposed to set off car alarms and blah blah. well I got one of them hooked to my mtx 4 ch amp with the 2-ch switch on and it dont sound near as loud as when i hook my friend's dual 12" 400w max each rockford punchz's. Yeah i kno my amp aint sposed to run two 4ohm subs cause its a 400W 4-chan but i do it once in awhile. anyway, I just got my mtx one recently and havent used it all too much, but shouldnt it sound better than the 2 rockford 400w ones at least? i mean the magnet is twice the size and solid. cmon.

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Break in is when you play the the sub at low volumes to loosen the spider for a certain period of time. I personnally dont think theres any difference and is unnecessary.

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yeah, it's not really necessary to play a sub at low volumes for 20 hours or whatever. however, the sub will "break-in" over the first couple weeks as the spider loosens up, etc. you may notice a "smoother" bass and less resonance.

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