Need some amps to match my new setup . . .


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Hey Eveyone,

I have posted before about this new setup I am working on, and many thanks to the people who have helped me so far. I think I have finally decided on everything to go in my setup except the amplifiers. This is all going into a 1999 Volkswagen Passat.

Here is my setup:
- Alpine CDA-9835 HU (already own)
- Focal Utopia 165W Components for front (already own)
- Image Dynamics ID8v.3 subs for the rear doors. (I don't own these yet, and can get either 2 ohm DVC or 4 ohm DVC)
- No sub(s) can go anywhere in the trunk or rear deck

So, I need some suggestions. Preferably, I would like two amps: one for the fronts, and one for the subs for maximum control. I want some really good SQL, especially for the Utopias. The Utopia's run at 100W RMS, but would preferably get more power. The ID8s run at 150W RMS each.

I am looking to spend up to around $400US including shipping on both amps. I am OK with ebay and online stores. I am also OK with used gear, and even old-school gear like PPI Art and Orion HCCA G4.

What do you guys think I should get to complete my system?


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Username: Bdonkersgoed

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Alright, I just bought a PPI Ax400 (Art Series) amp to power the Focals. I hope I made the right choice! I was just wondering . . . could I use this amp to separately amplify the tweeters and the woofers (biamplify)?

Also, I have found a local deal on a PPI Promos 50 for $160USD. I have a few questions about it:

1.) Is the Promos similar in quality to the Art Series? It kind of looks like the Art series . . .

2.) Would the Promos 50 be a good amp to power two Image Dynamics ID8 subs (175W RMS each)?

3.) does anyone knwo the specs of the Promos 50? Is it stable at 1 ohm?

4.) What do you think the Promos 50 should be worth?

5.) Is the Promos 50 older or newer than the Art series?

6.) Does anyone know what the Promos 50 originally retailed for?

7.) I can also get a PPI AM-2075 for the same price. Would this be better or worse than the Promos 50?

Thanks for the help!

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Well I can't help you with the other issues as I do not know. As for purchasing PPI Art Series...congrats, you made a good choice. I am getting ready to by a PPI art series amp as well. I have asked many people about that series amp and all have told me nothing but possitive things about it. It's relieable, well built, and defenetly worth the money. I'm sure someone else can help you with the other issues.

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