Help! Whats the best way i could hook my system up?


I have three amps, two 12's, and three 10's.

1.(SBL XL2-1200) 2 OHM stereo and 4 OHM Mono,1200 max watts, 600 watts rms, 2 channels.

2.(Extreme 1500X) 2 or 4 ohm mono block amp, 500 watts max, 150+1 RMS at 4 OHM, and 250+1 RMS at 2 0hm.

3.This is a crappy amp someone gave it to me. I dont know if it can help me out or not. Its a VRA2.0 from walmart. Its 200 watts max and 2+50 RMS at 4 OHM.

1.Two Xtreme 12 inch subs. 500 watts max, 4 OHM dual voice.

2.The triple Angle 10" Tuned sealed system by audiobahn. 1200 watts max, 600 watts rms


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Well i'd say that the system might sound loud...but definetly not that great. All the different types/sizes will muddy it up. I'd say either sell them and go with like 2 good 12" or somethin and a good amp to power them.
However...obviously you'll have to get a fuse block to be able to power multiple amps if you want to use them all.
First though...on ur amps...the SBL it 600 watts rms @ 1 channel? or 300watts rms@ 1 channel?
Are any of your amps cabable of runing a tri-mode? equal power to three subs

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the spl is 600 watts rms @ 1 channel and the spl can run on tri-mode

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I'd say hook the audiobahns upto the SPl amplifier in tri-mode and run those. THen if you wanted more...use the 2nd amp u have listed to run the dual 4 ohm sub's off itm
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