Newbie here, quick question on amp setup!


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Hey whats up everyone! I'm in the process of getting together a hard hitting system. My question (for today) is: I'm purchasing 2 JL 13w7's. They're 1000 rms each sub. Now, If i wire them up to an amp at a 1.5 ohm load, and the amp puts out 1000 rms at 2 ohm's. Does that mean since i'm hooking up 2 subs in parallel, the rms output from amp splits up to 500 watts rms to each sub? If so, i should buy another amp to max out the peak power of each sub right? Lastly (i know this is 3 questions in 1) but where online can i find schematics to hooking up multiple amps in a car.(simple ones please) Thanks in advanced guys, you all sound smart!

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im pretty sure that the watts from your amp will split into about 500 rms per sub. i would say get another amp, but listen to what some of the other guys have to say about it.

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If I were you, I'd have a 1000/1 for each 13W7.

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Thanks appreciate it. Hey what do you think of me running 2 12 inch subs and a 10 inch? Is that a good combo to have in a car??

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stick with the same kind/size subs. it's generally not a good idea to mix them.

500 watts would be the very minimum that JL recommends for those subs.

what amp are you looking at? make sure that it is a 1ohm stable amp. some amps are only stable down to 2ohms. using an amp for each sub is also ok, but it will most likely be less expenisive to run them both with one amp. i dont know, with a 1.5 ohm load, you'll need something that does like 2000 watts at 1ohm. for example, if the specs on the amp say it will do 2000 watts @ 1ohm and 1000watts@ 2ohm, it will most likely do 1500watts @ 1.5ohm - split b/w two subs will give them each 750 watts.

also, keep in mind that with 1500 to 2000watts you will definitely need a new high-output alternator.

hooking up two amps is pretty easy. you'll need a power distribution block to split the power coming from the battery to the amps, and some amps have RCA outputs that will allow you to run one set of RCA's to the first amp and then run a short set of RCA's from the first to the second amp.

hope it helps.

here's a couple good resources:
Basic Car Audio Electronics
Car Audio Central FAQ
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