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I have a question about layout and channels.
I am a handy guy and a very good friend, because I'm thumpin' my buddy's truck ... PRO BONO!
I am installing a system in his '99 Ranger X-Cab.
I have taken out jumper seats and mounted double sub box to the brackets from seats to keep it still.
My problem is............
The head unit is a Sony Xplod w/ 2 RCA outputs (Left & Right)
I have (2)500W RMS 4ohm 10" polk MOMO Subs in dualbox. MM104's
I have (4) 6x8 Polk EX368 2 ways in doors. 4 ohm 60W RMS / 190 Peak?(specs say 190 peak! ........ .................exageration? )
I have (2) Lightning audio 400 watt / 4 channel amps. (2,4 ch and triway)
What would be the best way to link 2 outs from headunit into (2) amps with 4 inputs each , keeping left and right seperate and be able to fade? And which way would be the best way to wire subs and 6x8's?
I have drawn out this thing a million times and I just wanted a second or 20th opinion. I am willing to buy new amp as long as it is no more than $300.
Do I need an external crossover?
Can I bridge a 4 channel into 1 channel?? ..... NO! Right?
I wanted to push each sub with a amp of its own and purchase 3rd amp to push doors,
but the channel thing keeps bugging me.
How about pushing the doors with above amps(Bridged), and getting New 2 channel 1000-1200W Amp for Subs! What brand of amp?
I know some body has got a good idea that will work?
image/bmpFear This!!
underdog print5.bmp (9.9 k)

heres your best bet. get a headunit that is not sony, get a 4 channel amp (JL audio 300/4) to power the 4 polk door speakers, get a 4 channel RCA cable and connect to the front and rear outputs of the HU to the inputs of the 300/4, and get the JL Audio 1000/1 amp to power the 2 subs, and have a sub RCA cable from the HU to the amp. Problem solved!

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-Do I need an external crossover?

-Can I bridge a 4 channel into 1 channel??

try this:
alpine head unit, say CDA-7995 (under $300 US)
offers 3 sets of pre-outs with built in crossover, and EQ. everything you need short of amps and spealers.

1 4-channel amp for the polk components
1 mono sub amp to drive the two subs. use a pair of 4 Ohm subs, and wire them in parallel for a 2 Ohm load on the amp.
all done. great system
use proper power cabling etc as well, adn you're all set.
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