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I just got a free sirius sattelite reciever, and I thought I might try to update my sounds while my deck is out to install the sirius. I have a pioneer deh-p3500, and pioneer 4" in the front. There are some old yamaha 6x9's in the rear deck and a yamaha 150watt amp in the trunk. Everything came with the car when I bought it used (1984 MB 300D) except for the deck and the pioneer 4" which I purchased a year ago in an uneducated attempt at improving sound. I won't ask for speaker brand reccomendations, but just some general help. Would it be possible to to replace the 6x9's with something dedicated strictly to bass? Is that old amp useless? I dont really want rear speakers...would rather have a sub, but no place to put one. I just want good clean sound...For home speakers I really like the sound of PSB's or boston acoustics. Thanks if anyone is willing to help out a newbie. I would like to spend no more than $400 for speakers and amps and install, as I won't even mess with doing itmyself. Possible to get some decent sounds in this old mercedes for this amount of money? What other questions do I need to be asking? I have already learned a lot in a coule of days browsing the forum, but I am brand new to this.

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randy, your biggest improvement in sound quality will come from a good set of component speakers up front ran by a decent amp. i recently upgraded from the same setup in my 4runner, 4" up front and 6x9's in the back.
i didnt have any place to mount 6.5" speaker, and i considered getting a 4" component set, but eventually decided that the improvement in sound would be worth making the 6.5" set fit. in your car, you probably have enough room to custom mount a set in your kickpanels, which is usually the optimal place for good sound quality. you mentioned you didnt really want to mess with installing the audio equipment, but making your own kickpanels would be a cool project. the tutorial on this site is very easy to follow:
i would've done it myself it i had the room.

i bought a four channel amp so i could add a subwoofer without having to add another amp, all i had to do was bridge the rear channels of the 4 channel amp. in your case, if you didnt want to build a box for a sub and all that, you could use the rear channels to run a couple 6.5"'s mounted in the rear deck, or a couple 8" "free-air" midbass speakers or subs.

what's the model # of the amp that you already have?

here are a coule great resources. jope it helps.

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Thanks a lot for your help. The model of the amp is ypa-600 and I was unable to find out anything about it with a quick google search. So a 4 channel amp would be able to power a component set up front and the 6.5"'s or 8" speakers in the back? So basically, I will only be keeping the deck..the 4";s , 6x9's, and old amp will be e-bayed for whatever I can get? I need to go look at my cars interior....I know there is some room in the middle kick panels....i.e .. to the left and right of where the deck is, but you are saying best sound would come from the area engine direction of the door panels? Thanks again....I will do my research, and may just need a couple of other questions answered if you don't mind.
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