Snail Shell Question vs. Regular Ported Box


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Right now I'm running a single Diamond Audio TDX 15 sub in a 3 cuft slot ported enclosure with a Rockford Fosgate Power 20001bd amp running at a 2ohm load. Birth certificate says the amp puts out 2,360 watts RMS at 2 ohms. It's pretty damn loud for a single sub setup. My question is this does a snail shell enclosure really sound that much better than a ported enclosure? Should I keep my current setup or shell out the $370 for a single 15 snail shell enclosure? I've seen the snail shell videos and they look impressive I'm just wondering if it's worth the upgrade or just keep it how I got it.

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seriously i wouldn't spend $400 for a box, a well designed ported box can sound just as good as an abc or snailshell box.

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any other opinions

Dude if your system is already "pretty damn loud" why pay $370 for another enclosure for a little bit more output which would probably be overkill anyway? Plus those snail shell enclosures are f*cking HUGE probably twice the size of the enclosure you have now. I do have a couple questions though.

What is your box tuned to?

The diamond Tdx is 1500 watts RMS how the hell are you running 2300 watts RMS to that sub without it blowing apart unless the gain on the amp is turned WAY down?

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My box is tuned to 30 Hz.

The Diamond TDX sub is very power underrated their head tech guy told me that I could safely put up to 3000 watts RMS on a single 15 and I shouldn't have any problems as long as the power stays clean. The gain on the amp is about 80% turned up. I properly broke in the sub for about a week running it with the gain on the amp turned almost nearly all the way down to loosen up the voice coils and suspension. Then slowly over the course of another week begin turning the gain up as far as it would go before distortion. Sub handles it fine.

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