How to wire 5 channel ammp to 4 ch HU


Bunthy K
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Hi guys,
I have a alpine mrv-f352 5 ch amp. It could do a lot of things, I guess? My question is, I have a clarion vrx630 that has 4ch amp outputs that I want to hook up with 2Frt, 2rear and 1 sub. How can I do this? Should I put the 2 frt as FRONT LEFT and the 2rear as FRONT RIGHT and the sub as REAR (left or right)? Or is there some other way?

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why is this confusing?

run the front outputs of the Clarion to the front inputs of the amp.
run the rear Clarion outputs to the rear amp inputs
the amp shound be able to get the signal for sub outputs from what it gets for infupts on front/rear. if not, you can use Y-splitters for this at the RCA jacks.

then connect your front speakers to the front channels of the amp.
connect the rear speakers to the rear channels of the amp, and put the sub on the fifth sub channel of the amp.
all done.
set crossovers and gains etc on the amp as needed.
I'd use high-pass for fronts/rears, set to about 100Hz.
low-pass for sub, set to 80Hz.
slopses, ~12dB/octave for front/rear, 18dB/octave for sub.

i have the 300/4 and the 500/1. is it ok to have the 24 dB slopes for all the speakers and my sub?

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yeah it's just a steeper rolloff, so you want the crossover frequencies to be pretty close together if not the same, or overlapping slightly to avoid any frequency gaps.
that's all.

Buntha K
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Thanks GlassWolf, its just that this is my first time doing something like this. I think I will do just that.

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try it out.
if you encounter problems, then just come back and detail the problem and we'll go from there
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