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Sup guys, this is my question. Im replacing all my old stuff with new amps stereo etc. I've been on Ebay checkin out all the cheap amps. I found a LEGACY MONO/2 CHANNEL 800W CAR AMP. Now I know it might be a cheap brand and might not last long in the long run, but Is it worth buying it pushing 2-12" 600W Kickers that are 2000 models? Also my other question is when an amp says 1000W does it really push 500Wx2 into each speaker or is it a bunch of B.S. Or would it be best to bridge it pushing the 1000W into both speakers, even though they can only handle 600W?? Whats the real deal when splittin up the watts into each speakers. Thanks guys let me know please.

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well yes that is a cheap amp and if you want any sort of longevity out of your products I would stay away from it. That 1000 watt rating on that amp is a peak rating not a RMS rating(constant power)I bet it might do 400x1 if you are lucky and not clean power at that.

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ok, first it is ( i think) best to run subwoofers either at or a little above max. second the advertised wattage on the amp is almost always a lie. for example, the sony xplod that is labled at 1600 watts will only do about 780 watts. the real way to determine the wattage of an amp is to take the value of the fuses on the side of the amp and find 80% of that value. then multiply that value by 10, that will give you a real close estimate of what your amp can push out. like the planet audio 900. it says 900 on it but it has three 30 amp fuses. so that would be 90 all together. then 80% of that is 72. then multiply by 10 which would give you 720watts. thats the way to tell. do you have anymore questions on anything, ill be glad to help if i can.
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