Replacement speakers-Bose-Nissan 350Z


Ian MacDonald
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I have been told Bose use 1-2 ohm speakers in the 350Z and most replacement speakers are 4 ohm.
Could I get around this with a 4 ohm resistor across the speaker to give a total 2 ohm load?


are you planning on changing the head unit too? and what kind of "replacement" speakers are you planning on getting? hopefully some high quality ones like mb quart or CDT. but if you are replacing the head unit it the speakers dont have to be 2 ohm, they should be 4 ohm like most head units are designed for. Have fun!

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Many Bose 'speakers' are actually amplified devices. If you are replacing the speakers only, stick with OEM.

"Could I get around this with a 4 ohm resistor across the speaker to give a total 2 ohm load?"

I wouldn't try it, most of the small resistors you can get at Radio Shack are rated at 5watts...and the tolerance is pretty lame. They'd get really hot and then expire.

Go over your options with your professional installer, Bose is a different animal and changes need to be thought out or you'll end up worse off than you are right now. Bose sounds great when left alone because it is a designed 'system' instead of random components plugged together. You paid a lot of money for Bose sound, it would suck to spend money and go downhill.

Ian MacDonald
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Thanks for the comments, looks like I'll stick with the Bose set up for now.

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I am just about to take delivery of a 350z, without the bose sound system. i was wondering if anyone knew what head unit, sub, amp and speakers they use with the bose system? also where i could get the parts and how much they cost?


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They use a BOSE head unit, amp, and speakers.
you buy them from the Nissan dealer.

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My Nissan Skyline came with an Alpine Head Unit. And I sold it off for less than US$50. Goes to show how much I knew about Alpines then!

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lord have mercy..

anything will beat stock Nissan BOSE
I have a Maxima, and I am going with Boston's all around, with a Diamond 10"

-good luck
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