10" sub or 12" sub


I'm looking at MTX thunder8000 subs for my car. What is the difference between a 10" sub and a 12" sub. My car plays bass heavy hip hop most of the time and i want to know which sub would suit me the best.

go with the biggest that you can fit in your trunk and that your wallet can handle. the 12" would probally do the best for you, the bigger they are, the deeper and louder they will play.

no not realy my 10 puts out more than my 12 dose so if u look on the box of the soeakers it should say ok dude

I would have to say that 10's create the most accurate bass, however if you listen to a lot of hip hop you may consider a 12. The fifteen's and bigger will have bass, however it is an over exagerated muddy type of bass.
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