Amp install kits...which brand?


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what are the better comapnies, or which one is more recommended for a total maximum power output of 274 and 85 rms watts( kicker kx250.2) amp pushing 4 ohm component speaker sys?
scoche(efx), phoenix gold, monster cable, street wires? which brand should i stay away from?

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Hey Duarte, for that little power, you can go with any brand. In fact, wires are made the same way. Don't over pay for flashy packaging or brand name. I personally bought my wiring kit from Walmart. It was only $31.
However, I would recommend that you buy a separate rca cable that's shielded and directional. Almost ALL amp kits come with cheap rca cables.

a lot of people recomend real good for budget minded people and it works great.

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I just went with the cheapest one I could find on eBay, seems to be working good.

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Registered: Jan-05, I've seen them on eBay, quality is known to be good. Even cheaper is still okay, Walmart sells scoche(efx) 4 guage for under $28, I have that... and I tell me friends to buy that.

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yeah cept that walmart one is never in stock, i've been tryin to get it for a week lol. i'll prolly end up gettin one off of ebay for under 40

Walmart will work but if you plan on running the wires to the truck of a long sedan you'll never have enough. Plus you don't get speaker wire with the kit.
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