Another basic alternator question!!!


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Ok so in the near future i'm gettin my first system installed, MTX stuff, 600 watts RMS total. The alternator i have isn't stock, i had it replaced a few months back cause the stock one was dead. I drive a '98 Cavalier, i called the shop who installed it and the guy said it's rated at 105 amps. I know that's a pretty high number... will that be enough to power my system? I'd rather i didn't hafta buy an HO alternator since the one i have now is almost brand new. It's 600 RMS plus about another 50 RMS from my headunits/4 other speakers. Is this somethin i can find out now, or will i just hafta wait till it's all in, crank it up, and see if the head lights dim? Thanks

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your system will draw a max of about 65A continuous.
usually much less than that at normal listening levels.
you should be ok.

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word, that's what i was hopin for lol thanks. Also Glass, Isaac keeps talking about these rca cables that are shielded and directional... i can't find any anywhere, any suggestions? This is the closest one i've found rpem/ccd/

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And another thing about amp kits. Are they all (brand wise) pretty much the same? I know i'll need 4 gauge wires, i see a bunch on ebay. Will i need an 80 amp fuse, or will a 60 amp one be fine? Also, what is the turn on lead for? thanks
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