I desperately need an experts help!!


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just have a little problem i just ran into. I have a Panasonic head unit with the front RCA outputs running to my amp which runs my front components. now the rear speakers in my back doors are running off of the headunits' speaker output. Everyhting was fine until earlier i disconnected my headunit completely. When i plugged everything back in, everything worked fine except that the rear speakers running off the headunit sound unbalanced. The left side sounds way louder than the right side. i am pretty familiar with all this stuff but this one just stumped me. I tried everything i could htink of. i know all the connectors are on right everything is plugged into where it should but i can still barely hear my rear right speaker. anyone have any opinions or help??

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may be that one of the rear speakers is out of phase
got the neg and pos reversed.
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