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I've decided upon getting (2) 12" Kappa Perfects. Their specs are as follows:

* Size: 12 inch
* Rec. Sealed Box Dims: 1.00 cu.ft.
* Rec. Ported Box Dims: 1.75 cu.ft.
* Free Air Usage: not recommended
* Sensitivity: 96 dB
* Frequency Response: 18-150 Hz
* Recommended RMS Power: 350W
* Peak Power Handling: 1400W
* Impedance: 4 ohms

Now, I've come to the conclusion that I want a ported box. I've searched and found a couple on EBAY that are pretty close to the manufacturer specs and look pretty good.

First: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=50568%26item%3D5738972737 %26%26

It has 1.8 cubic feet per chamber, close to the recommended 1.75. Throw in some polyfill/insulation and it'll be pretty close. It is also tuned at 36 hz. The owner's manual of the Kappas state that a ported enclose should aim for 32 hz. This is reasonably close. However, the port set up is somewhat different. The Owner's manual of the Kappas shows a port that is 4 inches in diameter and a length (depth into sub box) of a little over 12 inches. The port is somewhat different on the model I'm looking at. Its more of a rectangle, not a tube. Its pretty similar in lenth, but the shape is different. Does anybody have any input on the differce this might make? Overall, how do you think this would meausre up to the manufacturer's specifications?

Second: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=14945%26item%3D5739853856 %26%26
This box is somewhat smaller than the other one. It has 1.5 cubic feet per chamber and has somewhat of a different port as well. If you notice carefully between this box and the last one, this box does nt contain the extra small wall on the back side of the box near the port. On the other box, there was almost a small wall or 'channel' leading to the port on the back side of the box. This box does not have that and I almost prefer it that way. I'm not sure what the box is tuned to, but I'm guessing its a little higher than the last box. What do you all, in general, think of this box?

Option #3 is look around town some more or build it myself. I was hoping Option #1 or #2 will work. Anyway, I'm just looking for a little feedback on these two boxes and if they'd be pretty suitable to the subs I have chosen.


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I'll be civil in all threads but out the one on "grammar".

Option 1 looks like the best option. If you do, in fact, go with the polyfill in there, it will sound superb.

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yea option 1 and add 1" of polyfill on all sides and that box should be very nice

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Yea, that is that one I was looking closely at. I'm just a little curious as to the venting style. I have to wonder what the benefits or drawbacks of a rectangular shaped vent is/are compared to a tube like port. Maybe it doesn't make much of a difference at all and I'm just nitpicking, but I'm somewhat curious.

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Polyfill gives the effect of a larger box. 36 hz is a noticeable difference over 32 actually. Your sub will have a certain displacement, making the box smaller than 1.8 cu ft, also throwing off the tuning, making it even higher. The best option would be to build your own or have one built to Infinities specs, honestly.

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im buying that exact same box exept instead of 1.8 cu. ft mine is going to be 4.8 cu. ft for each sub and is tuned to 30 hz my sub woofers are volfenhag zx8712dvx and the sugested free air space for the box is 2 cu ft and both them and my amp are 30 hz is this all a good combination or is the box too big for the subs. i heard somewhere the bigger the box the better if its tuned right but i want to make sure that is true.

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oh yea and should i mount my subs magnet facing out or cone facing out ... or doesnt that matter? either way looks sweet as hell but i want the best sound
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