Kicker 03CVR124 or MTX Thunder8000 T8124A


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Im trying to decide between the two, price is an issue, so im trying to keep it under $200 total (getting two, so i can get both ~$195).

i have a jbl amp thats rated 1200 watts at 2 ohms (so that would be theoretically 600 wt at 4 ohms, correct?)


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I've heard great things about the Comp VR's. As for MTX, i've had mixed reviews on all there subs, never dealt with em probably depends alot on the install...

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I personally just bought 2 12" cerwin vega v-maxes for about 90 each from instead of kicker cvr's. I got the 4-ohm Single Voice Coil models so that I can wire them to a 2-ohm load and power them with a kicker 600.1 at 600 watts.

With 1200 watts I'm sure you can find subs a lot better than those two. If you're trying to wire them down to 4-ohm them check out the Dual Voice Coil 12" Cerwin Vega V-Maxes. I'd recommend saving an extra $100 or so because the guys on here can help you find some sweet subs with 1200 watts.

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well, i noticed that the adire shivas subs got thrown around on various forums

i looked them up, and saw that they are 8 ohms (!!) dual voice

the jbl amp produces 1200 wts at 2ohms, so wiring the subs parallel should take full advantage of the amp, correct?

also, how big a box should i put these in (volume wise)?

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Yeah wiring them to a 2-ohm load would get you the most out of that amp. I don't know what kind of subs that amp can handle though. All I know is you can get better subs than the first two you listed. I think Adire Shiva's would be a good guess, and if I read correctly, 2 8-ohm DVC subs can be wired down to a 2-ohm load. Hopefully one of the pro's can help you out soon, figured I'd tell you the little I know.

I read this forum inside out for a few months before I bought and it helped me out a lot. I'm not a pro, but I know the basics now. Unless you're looking to buy immediatly, take your time and save some money. Donno how you got your hands on that jbl 1200.1, but take your time so you know your getting the best out of it and you don't end up wanting an upgrade later. Also, listing what kind of music you like, and how loud you want your subs (spl) compared to how good you want them to sound quality wise (sq) will help everyone recommend you stuff.

I'm personally just getting my box custom made for my subs at a local audio shop. Felt like taking the easy route.
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