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after having my subs installed a month now, i have noticed just how shitty my stock fronts are. when i turn the volume up to 18 (out of 35) they begin to distort. i have to fade them to the rear where there are no speakers just so i can turn it up to 22..then past that it begins to distort. this works alright but the bass completely takes over and i can hardly hear the music itself. this is my question.

currently i do not have a HO alt and i dont want to throw on another amp for better components until i purchase one, so what would be better to play off the internal amp in the head unit? i have the alpine 9827 if that matters, its either 18x4 or 20x4 i cant remember. what speakers (4x6 only) would sound decent (or at least better than stock) with a low amount of watts? i was looking at the infinity plate 4x6s but im afraid they wont sound like they should without 50-60 watts going into them. i listened to some pioneers at best buy that had a nice sound to them and it was just playing off of a deck. i just dont want to pay for something more expensive if i wont give it what it needs. any thoughts?

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ill tell ya somethin...i have RF front components, and they are awesome at high volumes..i have a pioneer DEH-p3600 HU...and it drives them just fine. even if u bought the components but didnt have an amp for them, you would still get better sound from them then you do now with your stockers.

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I got infinity 5 1/4 componants with tweets in my doors, and even without a amp they sound pretty good. They sound a heck of a lot cleaner with amp juice. But for now they might help.

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i have to have them 4x6 in size.. they are up front in a truck and there isnt enough depth w/o some custom work to get anything else to fit. my question was what 4x6 speakers play decent with low amount of watts or w/o an external amp. im thinkin of going with the pioneer for the time being, theres a special on them for 49.99.. the other option would be buyin those infinity plate 4x6s and trying them out but im not sure what kind of sound they produce since i havnt tested them. any other opinions?

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not too many options for 4x6s dude...
the pioneers wont be much of an upgrade really.
The infinitys will sound alright on your HU..
Id go for those for the time being.
If they dont cut it...
you can always save up for some proper comps
and some kick pods, and an amp to power them.

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thats all im looking for, is something to sound better or at least be able to handle more power than my stocks. i wish there was a way i could hear the infinitys before i make a purchase..ill just have to look around until i find some i guess. i would hate to pay 100$ for some plate speakers that arent even appealing to my ear.
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