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how much current does the car battery supply to the amp,and current is measured in amps, so how many amps does it put out?

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I beleive, a normal car batter puts out appoximatly 12.4-12.5 volts when your car is off, when you're cars is on you are running off the alternator which will puts out alot more power allowing you to run everything much more efficiently and with more power...

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no not volts, the current, the constant amount of power the the battery can produce.

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With the car off, or the car at idle, you do approximately 12.5V. While the car is at usually above like 900rpms or something, the voltage will up to about 14.4V.
Your car battery doesn't actually supply the power unless your car is off. While it's running, your electrical system is running off your alternator. How many amps your alternator puts out depends on the alternator. Stock alts usually put out a little bit over enough to run all the components in the car (lights, windshield wipers, etc.) Most people that push a lot of power get HO alternators for that reason. Or batteries/caps for competition.

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info on batteries:

also try
they have ltos of info on how batteries are rated.
you generally rate batteries based on ampere-hours, which essentially tells you how long the battery will last based on the amount of current being drawn.
there are charts to reference the discharge curve on various batteries, but you need to get that info from the battery makers usually, to see what sort of life you can expect from a given battery based on draw demands.
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