Thanx for all the help! This is what I am getting


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OK! I am about to purchase an entire system for my car. After listening to a few systems in cars, spending massive amounts of time on these and other forums, I think I have something good. For those that dont know, this is going into a 96 BMW M3, I am looking for SQ mostly, and I listen to really hard and fast Techno. I dont have exact prices cause we are waiting to see if I can get financed for it still, and once financing goes through I we will discuss final exact prices. I do have an estimate though. So, with out further adieu, I give you My Stereo System:

Head Unit: Clarion DXE845 ~$500
AUX input: OmniFi 20Gig hard drive ~$200
Front Speakers: Cliff Deign 5 1/4 componants ~$220
Rear Speakers: Cliff Design 6 1/2" 2-way ~$270
Subs: 4 Image Dynamics Q seris 10" woofers ~$180
Front Amp: Cliff Design CDXR 900 (100Wx4ch at 4 Ohm)~$400 NEW
Sub Amp: Orion 1200D ~$350 NEW

Energy Cell was a 2400A cell (I think, or 240A, I dunno, didnt ask too much about it) ~$400

*The reson I say NEW is cause the prices are OUTRAGEOUS for new stuff. the Orion is a demo amp however, but its been barely used (according to owner, but I dont believe him. Still a good price though!)

So any opinions or suggestions to this? I think the prices are good, and the energy cell should replace the battery, so there should be enough power going to the amps according to the stereo shop. If anyone cares as to why I chose all these componants then post and I will explain why. I could write forever desribing why I did choose em all, but instead I'll wait to se if anyone is interested in knowing ;)

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you can check online prices and ebay. Orion amps are all over ebay for newer models. very cheap.

good system

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I have Glasswolf's approval! Yes! I did good!
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