Hi, i need someone who knows whats up


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hello all ampologists out there i need some help.
okay, i got this amp, i know nothing about amps, but i love good sound systems, i bought the
phoenix gold 8:0:1, i think thats the model.
okay here is the question, at first all six of my speakers were working. the inside speaker i have are the MB quarts 4 inches in the front with tweeter, 5 1/4 in the rear and 6.25 in the sides. after 5 months, the side speakers stopped working, then after 3 more months the whole right stopped working.
but here is the weird part....the sound would kick back in the speakers when i raised the volume.
but after a while that wouldn't even work, so i only have the left side in my car working, in my front and rear speakers...but heres the even weirder part...
every now and then the right side will turn on randomly, so im wondering what this all means, please help thanks.

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sounds like a short in the wiring somewhere.. one of your speaker terminals or wires may be grounding out to the car body or bare exposed metal somewhere.

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U know in the beginning of my love affair with Car Audio or how my wife would put it. I had a local shop install a set of components in the doors of my truck and I had something similar. Long story short the installer put the wire behind the magnet of the mid driver. Well once in place with the door panel and everything it was sandwiched between the magnet and the door bracing. In time with the movement of the car and the door opening and closing the wire chaffed enough that I was getting the same thing. 2 month later it finally blew the speaker crossover and amp channel because it had rained and touching the door metal. Look at the wires carefully It was a honest mistake careless because he was in a rush and admited to it but simple enough to cost me a pair of Boston Acoustic components. The shop replaced the speakers but it was a pain to go threw regarless.

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thanks a lot, you guys rock!
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