Alternator abnormal for stock? Please help!


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When my car is at idle with the volume up 5% my voltage remains at a constant 14.2 volts; but when I turn the music up to maybe 35 - 40% my amp then says its getting 11.1 - .8 volts. The current draw and voltage meters both fluctuate rapidly as the demand for power (a heavy bass hit) becomes imminent. When the amp meter reads 11.x volts it then begins to blink at a steady even pulse; I don't know if this is a feature with the Alpine V12 telling me its not getting enough power or what... Anyway my assumptions lead me to believe I am going to need a high output alternator (do I?); if so could someone please direct me to where I may purchase one? Also I would like to know if I get this "HO" alternator will my voltage be a constant stable 14V+ even during higher volume use? If anyone has a comment or answer I will be very much obliged, thank you everyone!

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try and yes it should help stabilize. also

But you stated this is all at idle. How much do you listen to your car stereo at idle. When the rpms pick up this should change.

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A dead give away that your car is in need of some extra power is your lights dimming when you get some hard bass hits.
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