HELP!! poblem with setting gain on jbl 600.1


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when i turn my head unit up until i hear distortion in the sub, i hear disortion in my door speakers before the sub ever seems like it's going to distort?
could someone please help me get the gain set right?thanks in advance

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pretty much the internal amp on your headunit is putting out too much power for your stock speakers. what i have done (i have the same amp) is disconnected the rear speakers as they are not needed, use the fade control on the headunit and fade your speakers to the rear until you can turn the volume up until distortion from the subs. this works well because its just taking volume from the front and putting it in the back where there is no sound. if you want to keep the rear speakers, i dont know how to help because fading to the rear would then give more sound to the back speakers making them distort sooner than the front. your next option is to just upgrade your stocks with something that can handle a little more power, or upgrade completely with a component system and amp to power them. good luck, hope i helped.

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Good advice but remember the goal is to match HU's output voltage with the amp's input voltage. So for example your HU says 4V rca out, then set your amp's level to 4v or close to it. That is all that's required.

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your subs just could be very well built, just as your amp is, and wont distort until very high volumes. all stock speakers tend to be crap =\ upgrade or just dont pound so loud =)
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