Does this sound strange? Boston Pro60


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I had two sets of speakers installed in my car on Wednesday by "professionals", one of 2 Authorized Boston Dealers within 50 miles of my house.

I'll try to provide as much info as possible:

Vehicle: 2001 Acura CL Type S
Fronts:Boston Pro60s up front. (Axis Mount)
Rears:Boston NX97s in the rear.
Sub:Diamond CM310
Amp:JL 500/5 mounted below drivers seat(100w x 2 Front) (25w x 2 Rear) (250w x 1 Sub)
Head:Alpine CDA-9835

The installion receipt says, "Install 4 Speakers, Run Leads Into Door, Use Largest Gauge Possible."

The rear speakers dominated the sound for about 75% of the volume range, the majority of the music is clearly coming from the rear...It was only after I cranked the volume up the whole way that you could hear the fronts overcoming the rear--but they weren't pristinely clear and were distorted.

The Store Manager said, these speakers are like that you need to listen to them loudly. I accepted that initially, because he seemed like a decent honest guy. But as I tried different music from different sources (mp3/CDs/Radio) it became clear that something just didn't add up.

I've already determined that the speaker wire is connected to the correct channels, but have not verified polarity is correct.

I'm stumped, and I'm just thinking about getting a refund, because it hurts to say that the stocks were as loud as the Boston Pro60s.

Should there be any distortion from these speakers with only 100W going to them...and they have an RMS of 125W? I'm experience a tinny sound at peak volume.

Should the fact that the tweeter is mounted about 10" off the floor explain the lack of loud high freq. sound?

Are my expectations too high?...or am I correct in assuming the Pro60s should crush the NX97s in loudness.


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Some stock speakers are as loud or louder than some aftermarket component speakers, simply because they have to be driven by small head units, plus they don't have a crossover eating up some of the power. Check the gain of the front channels compared to the rears, and the fader of your head unit. Make sure the crossover is set correctly. With 4x the power and the speakers being closer to you, the Pros should be louder than the rears most definately.

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Another guy spending too much cash on the rears!
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