Just bought two ALPINE 12" TYPE R SWR-1221D, and now i need an amp?????


Whats up,

i just bought two 12" 1221D alpine R subs, there two ohms and have a 1000 watt max and 300 Watt RMS. I talked to some people and they told me to buy an alpine v12 mono amp and bridge it for the two subs. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i should use, or whats a good amp that i should buy. thanks a lot

james armstrong
your prob thinking oh i hope someone posted me,as i am right now, god i pisses me off when no one posts my stuff that i have questions on... AHHH
anyways back to you, i would recommend a Pionner 1000 watt mono amp, you can bridge it, and its perfect for the alpine 10s or 12s

I would personaly get the MRD-D300 Mono amp. Its a 300 watt 2 ohm AccuClass D amp. Its perfect for the Type R subs. You can buy the bass adjuster deal that hooks up to the amp so you can adjust the amount of bass without adjusting it on your amp.

you're getting bad advice. Your subs are each dual 2 ohms. That means that if they're hooked up in parallel you will have 1ohm, and none of those amps can't handle that load. You definitely need 2 amps or a gigantic 4 channel. Best bet for your buck is 2 identical 2 channel amps, or 2 identical 1 ohm stable mono amps. You do have the option of cutting the subs' power in half by wiring them in series, getting 2 4ohm loads into 1 amp will give youa 4 ohm load. You can do that with any amp but your power is cut in 4ths because the amp is running half its power to half the subs' power, and you won't be satisfied with the results. A good 1 ohm stable mono block amp is the Kenwood KDC KAC8101 (your subs will slam with that amp, but you need one for each sub). A good 2 channel amp is the MTX thunder502 (you will still need 2 for max performance).

dude i have the same subs mine are dual 2ohm subs i have them on a 1200watt sony explode amp bridged the amp with give each speaker 1000watts because they will be at 1ohm, if u have the 4ohm subs u will get 800watts because it will be at 2ohm brideged, trust me it will make those subs hit hard

sony amps are WAY OVER RATED, and whoever said get the mrd 300 for 2 subs...thats nuts.....thats not enough power....u need 2 mrd 300 or 1 mrd 500....

get the MTX Thunder801D and wire your subs on a 2 ohm load that will give you 400watts to each sub if you dont know how to wire your subs to two ohms try this site for the diagram


I've got 2 1241D R-Types hooked up to a JBL 1200.1 running at 4OHMS giving me a nice constant 600W RMS, I think you could do the same but maybe buy the 600.1 and you could run it in 2Ohms and get 600w RMS. Just so you know the JBL amp is rated at 12 Volts and most cars run a constant 13-14V so you would actually get even more that n 600W if you wanted it.

Here is the amp http://www.etronics.com/product.asp?stk_code=jblbp6001&store=&rpc=4047&catid=306

Here is how to wire the subs http://www.jlaudio.com/tutorials/wiring/index.html#2dvcsp

hope that helps you a little
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